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 Meet JAK

During their 50 years of combined experience in pesticide manufacturing and education, urban entomologists Dr. Janet Kintz-Early and Dr. Kristen van den Meiracker, BCE saw first hand the unique challenges faced in the pest control industry. When Janet and Kristen met in grad school, they instantly knew they made a great team. Starting their own business became a goal. In 2015, JAK (Janet And Kristen) was launched.

Providing entrepreneurial pesticide manufacturers, pest control companies and litigators a streamlined approach to handling all educational and regulatory needs, JAK takes pride in helping clients navigate the ever-changing educational, regulatory and compliance requirements. They bring “cradle to grave” expertise to every client.

Dr. Janet

Dr. Kintz-Early Resume

Dr. Kristen
van den Meiracker, BCE

Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE Resume