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Continuing Education
DateTitle of PresentationLocation
January 16-17, 2019Dr. Kintz-Early – Borate & Wood Destroying Beetles
Dr. Kintz-Early – Water IPM
Ontario, CANADA
January 29-30, 2019
Dr. Kintz-Early-Marketing No No's
Dr. Kintz-Early-When Perimeter Pests Do Bad Things
Dr. Kintz-Early-Fun with Fungi
Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Termites in the News
Dr. van den Meiracker-Pests that Make You Itch
Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Contstrictions Because of Construction
Albuquerque, New Mexico
February 12-13, 2019Dr. Kintz-Early – Border Pesticides, Water IPMGrand Junction, Colorado
February 21-22, 2019Dr. Kintz-Early-When Perimeter Pests do Bad Things
Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Constrictions Because of Construction
Lincoln, Nebraska
March 7, 2019Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Termites in the NewsNashua, New Hampshire
June 10, 2019Wood Destroying InsectsBaltimore, Maryland
September 16-18, 2019Dr. Kintz-Early-Small Flies
Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Construction & Condusive Conditions
Little Rock, Arkansas
November 12-14, 2019Dr. Kintz-Early-Creepy Crawlies Spiders & Mites
Dr. Kintz-Early-Fun With Fungi
Dr. vanden Meiracker, BCE-Blood Suckers of Yore & More
Dr. van den Meiracker, BCE-Evolution of Termiticides
Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training Program
Kansas State University
Selina, Kansas
Professional Meetings
Week OfMeetingLocation
March 12-14, 2019Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA)Portland, Oregon
April 24, 2019ALSTARChicago, Illinois
June 4-6, 2019National Conference of Urban EntomologySavannah, Georgia
August 23, 2019 1st Annual Women in Pest Control ConferenceAustin, Texas
October 15-18, 2019Pest World 2019San Diego, California